At Focus, we believe we add most value to our clients by being their thought partners and Staffing is but one part of the entire Solutions process that we offer our clients. Focus partners you every step of the way

  • Analysis driven Proposals – We participate in your RFP process with critical inputs on the available talent landscape. With our constantly updated database, we present to you trends pertaining to availability of talent at different locations, costs involved, vendors with requisite talent pools, and a whole host of parameters that enables you to better drive cost optimization in your proposals.
  • Resource Transition – During large resource transition deals, Focus works along with you in vendor resource consolidation, thus making the transition as smooth as possible for you.
  • Direct Cost Optimization – When cost optimization hits a slowdown due to gap in skill availability, Focus bridges this gap for you by reskilling and upskilling the closest available talent bank to help you keep up your cost optimization efforts.
  • SoW – We also offer SoW based staffing solutions. We provide Onsite, Onshore and Offshore models of delivery for project support.