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AWS Developer

Posted: 11/09/2017
Job Location: Cedar Rapids

Experience: 6 - 13 Years



Job Requirements

Job Description

• Solid experience Big Data and Real time streaming Analytics architecture on AWS/Azure cloud.  

• Experience implementing Serverless Architecture leveraging AWS Lambda/Azure Functions. 

• Experience implementing Big Data architecture in DevOps - Continuous Integration\Continuous Delivery (CI\CD) Mindset. 

• Polygot programming experience in least 2 or more of following languages\platforms: Java, Python, Node.js, Scala 

• Experience on Cloud Databases: AWS Aurora, DynamoDB, Redshift, Microsoft CosmosDB. 

• Several years’ experience in in a data warehouse environment including warehousing concepts, design and development of complex mappings, and merging data from multiple source systems 

• Proficiency with Linux/Unix and ability to write moderately complex shell scripts (using ksh, perl, php, etc) to support data integration tasks, database maintenance, automation and testing. 

• Proficiency in coding moderate to complex SQL logic as part of data extraction processes. 

• Understanding of logical and physical data modeling design concepts. 

• Ability to monitor and troubleshoot the “end to end” data integration environment comprised of data sources, data workflows and transformations, operating systems, applications, app servers, networks, etc. 

• Ability to work within a team environment and communicate effectively with others


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