Conversion Predictor

Conversion Predictor is a service to predict conversion from trial users of a SaaS product to paid subscriptions, using Supervised Learning to predict conversion probabilities.

Every product group need to understand their users.  Conversion parameters may differ from product to product. For example, for some products, the trial experience alone may be sufficient to predict conversions to paid use. In the case of other products, the background of users may matter as much as the trial experience. Conversion predictor allows you to set some parameters, provide some sample data (of previous usage and conversion) and predicts the probability of conversion of a new user. 

Demo Video


Gmail Extractor

Gmail extractor allows a user to mine mail messages and save them into a CSV or JSON format for later processing. Once you subscribe to email from various sources, Gmail Extractor can be used to gather data for analysis for:

  • Competition Tracking
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Startup Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Financial Intelligence


Clustering Jobs**

As a recruiter, we receive job descriptions from a variety of sources – customer portals, email messages, RSS feeds etc. We apply machine learning techniques to cluster these jobs into various categories (development, support, operations, testing, other). Job clustering uses a technique of Unsupervised Learning to cluster jobs of various types. 

**Prototype under development