Focus is an established IT solutions provider for 20 years offering innovative IT staffing solutions and services. Our rich experience of having been through diverse technological waves has enabled us to provide our clients with knowledge-based comprehensive staffing solutions and services.

With unmatched adaptability to the local needs of our clients with an expanding geographical footprint, we partner our clients every step of their way thus enhancing the value of the services experience. Our value-based solutions to all major global IT consulting companies resonates in our longstanding association with every one of them, bearing testimony to our capability and success at relationship building.

At Focus, it is our belief that our consultants and employees are our assets and are part of the solution framework, leading to an enriching and rewarding experience all around. We are powered by strong corporate governance policies with strict adherence to all geographical statutory compliances.

Having carved careers for 25000+ people over the years, we have successfully integrated diversity and inclusivity in our culture. This is evidenced by our competency in handling a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and gender diverse global talent pool. With presence across US, Middle East Asia and India, Focus is poised to expand into other markets to deliver a truly global experience.